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Why Turkish Tea Cups Are Famous and Unique Information about Them

by Claudia

How about Turkish tea cups? Will it be her big storm or a pear? There is a particular go-with-it tea well with a Turkish mug of tea as distinctive same as the cup is Turkish tea. It’s offered in. Let’s take a look at Turkish tea cups. No wonder Turkish tea cups come from regions other than Turkey. This is because Turkey collects traditions from Russia, China, and the Middle East.

What makes their tea unique is that the Turks always serve it in tulip-shaped tea cups. Read on to learn more about turkish tea cups. That way, you’ll have a better idea of ​​where they came from and why people in Turkey still use them with their rims on, so you don’t get burned while drinking tea. The curved shape of the glass is designed to keep your tea warm longer.

Shape and Material of Turkish Tea Cups

They are made of different materials through different processes. Here we give a proper guide so you can select one of your favorites that satisfies your needs. These cups can be made from the

Following materials

  • Diamond
  • Pastel
  • Silver
  • Faience – glazed pottery, especially decorated tin-glazed pottery.

Turkish-style teacup shape also has some advantages. It is a shape that suppresses the hot part of the tea. When you tilt the cup to drink, the hot water flows into the cold water and is heated back all the way to the cup’s base. This preserves the tea. Warm longer.

What Makes It Unique

Turkish cultural hospitality almost always includes tea. Turks love tea. In 2004, Turkey had the highest consumption of tea per capita in the world. 2.5 kg per person. The Turkish is made of the form. Tea cup unique. It is defined by its shape, and it has three reasons for it.

  • It is a pear shape that fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to handle.
  • This design keeps the water warmer for longer. The mixture of hot water at the bottom and the warm water on the surface when you drink it. Hot water collects at the base, so the top is colder and easier to handle.
  • For the ideal cup of tea, take a sip as the hot tea heats the tea at the top of the cup.

Features of Turkish Tea Cups

  • They are tulip shaped.
  • They are transparent so people can easily admire the color of tea.
  • Their curved shape keeps the tea warm for a long time.
  • They truly indicate Turkish culture.
  • They are small in size.
  • Their stylish design adds to the beauty of your table.

Final Thoughts

We want Turkish kettles to scream culture and tradition. In this case, the Handmade Turkish Samovar Tea Kettle is just what you want on your tabletop. The teapot for you should encompass Turkish culture and be your own. It is versatile and should suit your tea lover of course. On our website, you can easily find your favorite Turkish tea cups and it’s easy to order.

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